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      Mission Statement  

            The design of a Union is to promote the welfare of those within its ranks. By crystalizing common thought in unified expression and combining common desire in united action, we multiply a thousand-fold the power of otherwise comparatively helpless units of which our membership consists.

            Association, for whatever purpose, whether domestic, industrial, or national entails obligation and imposes restraints. Mutual help means also mutual forbearance and concession. We give up, whenever we associate ourselves with others, a small portion of our personal freedom in order to secure that larger liberty which can only be attained by mutual sacrifice and mutual effort.

    Hence our association.

    The Musicians Union of Australia survives solely on the fees paid by its Members.
    It does NOT receive any financial assistance from either:

  • Governments (State or Federal)
  • Political Parties
  • Peak Union Groups

  • or ANY other source.

    To keep the Union alive and strong, become a Financial member   NOW  !!

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    Acting President:

    Acting Secretary:

    Ron Stevens

    Claire Clark

    Acting State Secretary:


    Claire Clark

    +61 8 8272 5013
    +61 4 1293 3865

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